Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hot Band Names: Games my Head Plays

Ever since high school, I've entertained myself by playing around with a string of words that could be a catchy (or truly retched) name for a band.

One particularly boring Study Hall in the airconditioned library at ISB had me making fun of heavy metal band names. I even drew up a logo and album cover for my make-fun-of-blood-and-gore-themed-bands called BLUDGEON. I'd bet I've spontaneously come up with 50 or so most excellent band names.

In the 90s when I read The Stranger religiously, I'd sometimes coo or guffaw with delight reading the music listings. Those 90s band names fed my love for pairing words. C'mon it's randomly delightful if you think about it: Smashing Pumpkins. Flaming Lips. Nine Inch Nails.

This morning, as my husband asked Noah, "Do you want yesterday's pancakes for breakfast?" -- and as I piped up, "Yesterday's Pancakes!" -- I remembered this silly word game that's taken me through the ages. And I had to record, for posterity, the cool-ness of a band that might be decide to call themselves Yesterday's Pancakes.

PS Maybe it's more of a 90s things. I just looked and the band names weren't all that interesting. Or, I'm just less hip.

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